March 12, 2017: Growing Love, Maturing, and Songs

The Maturing Maiden/The New Creation: Song of Songs 3:6-4:6

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

Christ’s Work in Us-Christ’s work in her- she is yielding herself- to go wherever he leads her to go-over and over and over again.

Spiritual Parallels  for maturity drawn from Nature

Plants, fruit, and veggies are exposed to all the elements they do not get to choose what they are exposed to over the course of any given season.
Plants are not concerned for their growth.

Here’s the movie we mention but couldn’t remember the name of…

How the King sees the Maiden now: How the church looks to Christ as she matures.

Eyes – dove’s eyes within thy locks/behind her veil(4:1) – singular focus on Christ
Hair – flock of goats/mount Gilead (4:1) – special consecration and obedience
Teeth – flock of sheep shorn/all have twins (4:2) – the maiden can appropriate/chew food.
Lips – thread of scarlet/speech is comely (4:3)- spiritual expression-She no longer speaks by the flesh, but now by the spirit.
Neck – tower of David builded for an armoury (4:4) The maiden’s will is in submission to the King.
Breasts – twins which feed among the lillies (4:5) breasts are the seat of the emotions. Faith and love must be in balance (twins). Lilies speak of purity and a cleansed conscience

Reframing Maturing in the Lord

The difference between maturing in the world and maturing in the Lord.
As we mature in the world we are to become more INDEPENDENT.
As we mature in the Lord we are to become more DEPENDENT.

Second Calling-Come Away with Me
A Life of Love (4:16-5:1) (complete surrender)

North wind/South wind – Surrendered life to the Lord
Phil. 4:12-13
She does not fear the north wind (cold/suffering) she does not long for the south wind (pleasant). She knows that both are by the hand of her Lord and that both are to bring Him satisfaction.

In SoS 5:1 the King says “my” 9 times. It is all his and for Him.  He says it’s my garden, my sister, my spouse, my myrrh, my spice, my honeycomb, my honey, my wine, my milk.

Reframing Love -World’s View of Love

The world says, “if you love me then you will let me have what I want.”
The world says, “if you love me then let me be the center of attention.”
The world says, “if you love me then join me in what I am doing.”
The world says, “if you love me then hurry up.”
The world says, “if you love me then do evil against someone else for me.”
What the world system says and teaches about love is not love at all. It teaches another “L” word, which is called a lie.

She has committed and is committing herself to Christ at all cost so that Christ may gain and experience pleasure.
A life of love in Christ Jesus says things like

  •      “Lord, I will wait on you”
  •      “Lord, what is it you want”
  •      “Lord, you are greatest among the Gods”
  •      “Lord, I trust you”
  •      “Lord, enjoy”


Mirror by Justin Timberlake

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