March 19, 2017: Priesthood, Reframing Conferences, and a Song


New Creation/New Priesthood
Life in the ‘Hood’
A Royal Priesthood
Christ as High Priest and Sacrifice
Priests to God
Consecrated Set Apart
No, Not Just “Special People” are Priests
Not a Title but a Function/Equipping
What Does It Look Like to be a Priest Now?



Debunking Conferences

Information vs Impartation
“Information Buffet” — not really connected

Emotion vs Equipping

Disconnected vs Connected

Special Speakers vs Brothers and Sisters

Independent vs Interdependent

Passive Spectator vs Active Participant

Self-Help/Improvement vs Self-Emptying (Our Needs vs His Needs)
Def: the use of one’s own efforts and resources to achieve things without relying on others


All of Me John Legend

4 thoughts on “March 19, 2017: Priesthood, Reframing Conferences, and a Song”

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode. This week was incredibly rich. Thank you so much for following the direction of Christ and offering yourselves to Him and the saints. The opportunity to listen in on your time together is priceless to me. Love to you all!

    1. Thanks, sister! We really appreciate your encouragement. Sometimes it isn’t easy following the direction of Christ, but in Him, it’s always rewarding. Thanks for listening and sharing! Love to you in our priceless Lord!

  2. Guys, this was totally awesome. The Lord is really bringing to life how we are a priesthood unto God the Father. We exist for Him and to minister unto Him through and out of the life of His Son Jesus. Lord teach us how to minister unto You corporately. What a glorious thing! Love it guys, love His life in y’all 🙂

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