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While hosting a radio program and website is fun, it isn’t free. No, they don’t pay us to do this. We actually pay them to let us. =)

If you find value in what we are sharing please consider supporting us. Each radio show costs $300, that’s $1200 per month on average (there are the occasional 5 Sunday months which cost $1500) along with website fees and banking fees. These fees do not include the time and labor we are putting into this program. We are doing all that for free (or for an eternal reward). =) We are guesstimating that we need $1300 per month, with the extra each month helping to cover the 5 Sunday months, and we three families have committed to providing $500 of that ourselves, along with our time and labor. That just leaves $800 to cover.

We really appreciate one time gifts, and we really appreciate monthly contributors. Both are a huge blessing. Our PayPal button is below. You don’t need a PayPal account to use it, just a regular old debit or credit card is fine.

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